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New!!! I will be a Sponsored Artist for Winter High Concept Labs Chicago!

Super happy to announce that I'll be an HCL artist in the coming winter, in which Mabel KwanSara Zalek and I will work on our new project 'Opera Butoh Lab'! Very excited about this!




Opera Butoh Lab is an interdisciplinary collaboration between composer Sivan Cohen Elias, pianist Mabel Kwan, and artist/choreographer/curator Sara Zalek. We will be exploring the creation of hybrid theater works that unify the physical and sonic dimensions of performance using the body, musical and invented instruments, objects, texts, electronic sound design, and video projections. These experiments will take place as workshops and rehearsals – some open to the public – in which the collaborators will create puppetry-like relationships between different materials, media and fields. At its heart: the theme of secrets. Hidden secrets, revealed secrets, reflections, distorted truths, illusion, hyperrealism and the in-between.

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